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Sector-based Contracts & Agreements

Employment & Recruitment

Download your required forms, agreements, policies, application for employment, confirmation, rejection, subcontractor, work for hire, and more to ease your recruitment and employment procedure.

Intellectual Property

Download your required forms, agreement & template to protect your trademark, copyright & the patent for your beloved business & hard working invention.

Business Operation

Download key forms, agreements, deeds & other draft documents for your business entity, buying or selling a business, engaging in joint venture, managing stocks and more to ease your business operation.

Real Estate

Deeds for transferring property between parties – including donation, trust and sale deed, mortgage deed, power of attorney, special warranty deed and warranty deed.

Family Matter

You are also welcomed to download legal forms related to personal and family needs. Create a power of attorney, estate planning, or prenuptial legal document editing our draft documents.


Download your required contracts, agreements, and forms to form, deliver, and close construction contracts regarding heavy equipment, service, mortgage & several construction leases.

Home & Office

Download several service agreements to affairm your legal standing regarding cleaning, painting, electrical, gardening, plumbing, decoration & more for your home and office.

Web & Software

Your website & software require several policies, terms, agreements for your domain, hosting, license, IT service maintenance to comply with consumer protection & the rights of the parties.

Corporate Dealing

Download the important forms, deed,  policies & agreements especially – bylaws, meeting minutes, board resolutions, term sheet, voter agreement, consent form & more to ease your corporate dealings.

Lease Agreement

Leases for situations like- real estate rentals,  and renewals, billboard, car lease, farm lease, manufacturing lease, office space lease, residential, restaurant, and more.