Do you know why startup fails in the investment stage?

Why is a great team with immense potentials not funded by Angels or VC Funds?

Why are entrepreneurs always frightened lest their ideas are not stolen by the big shark?

What you MUST KNOW!

Find what your investors search in your business before they invest!

How you can make your company lucrative to your investors!

How you can protect your million dollar idea!

Key Seven Elements of Investment Readiness

  • Team, Talent, Advisor
  • Product & Market
  • Technology & Operation
  • Tractions, Revenue & Growth
  • Financial & Performance Management
  • Legal Compliance & Admin
  • Fundraising

Your Asset as a Startup Company

  • Copyrighted Software, content & product model
  • Patented Innovation or Design 
  • Market Reach with Traction
  • Your Brand Image

From all those factors, here are the top 23 tips to get investment ready for your next startup pitch.

The guide has been prepared with the light of Seedstars, Founder Institute & YCombinator resources & our  working experiences with the startups.

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Tip 20: Be careful with your equity

Don’t give away too much equity early on. Losing 50% of equity before your seed round is not advisable. You need to keep your cap table clean by tracking the terms, dates, amount and the dilution.

Check out our cap table template: Click Here>

Tip 21: Develop a fundraising strategy

Investing is full of uncertainty. Your funding needs and round should be communicated with certainty or it won’t close.
So, you need to develop a fundraising strategy based in How much (Terms), Why (For a clear milestone and use of funds) and Who (Types of investors and your pipeline of potential leads).



   • How much & currency
   • Type (Grant, Convertible Debt/note, Equity, Debt Financing)
   • Valuation / Cap / Discount

Why are you raising
   • Funding should be for a clear milestone you aim to achieve
   • Usage of funding should be clearly budgeted/known

Lead investor
   • A lead investor does the hard work so other investors can follow
   • Without a lead, closing a round can be challenging at early stage 
(angel/seed) and impossible at a later stage (series A  onwards)

Lead Investor targets
   • Like sales, fundraising has a certain conversion/success rate
   • Build and manage your investor pipeline
   • Target the right profiles depending on the round

Tip 22: Have a high-quality pitch deck

Just send me your deck”…the infamous words some investors will say to you. Make it worthwhile for them to open it. Also, have the pitch deck ready beforehand, so you can send it quickly. They will “judge a book by its cover.
To have a high-quality pitch deck, don’t reinvent the wheel! Use tried and tested formats and have the material (i.e. data room) ready to back up the deck.

Here is a table with the expected content in a pitch deck:

Tip 23: Having a credible amount of traction is the MUST!

Traction means having a measurable set of customers or users that serves to prove to a potential investor that your startup is “going places.” The tricky part is actually gaining that traction and knowing when you have enough to approach potential investors, so here are a few tips that should help.

There might be so many verticals for getting traction for your startup. Depending on the target market & potentials, the startup may follow the given verticals:

Publishing on Journals/Newspaper Non-SEM Online Ads Target Market Blog
Public Relationship/Publicity Stunts Search Engine Optimization Community Building
Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Partnering with Companies Viral Thread Marketing
Participating at the Trade Shows Speaking Engagement Sales on Existing Platform
Offline Ads (Billboard/wall painting etc.) Buying Smaller Sites Anything that drag attention to your target audience


These tips give you some orientations how to get ready for investment. One last advice: in fundraising, it takes time to get everything ready. Prepare really well before contacting an investor.

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