GDPR Compliance 

 In the digital age, information is a business asset — a fluid asset that is constantly being shared, altered, and moved. This makes a data inventory vital to GDPR strategy.

Audit assure your customers’ data are protected and your are systems GDPR  compliant. 

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Service descriptionFull Analysis of your data flow.Full Analysis of your data flow. Step by Step Action planFull Analysis of your data flow. - Step by Step Action plan - Turn-key Execution
Gap Analysis
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Compliance Plan
Third Party Review


The offer is for companies up to 10 employees. Please get in touch with us if you are the owner of an up-scaled business for a custom offer.

If you are ordering a nominee service, please pick the number of months. We would suggest at least 6-12 for ongoing training and knowledge transfer. Documented procedures and audits will provide your team about best industry practices.


Privacy, Audit, Data Protection, T & C Documentation


Cloud – IaaS, CRM, Data Centers, ERP, Saas



GDPR Compliance with LegalSeba

About our services

Audit assure your customers data are protected and systems GDPR compliant. Get Legally covered by the Legal & Data Protection Industry Experts.


– Full Audit of your Customer-facing business
– Complete action plan of GDPR Compliance
– Hand-On help and execution
– Extensive signed documentation
– Procedures and knowledge-transfer
– Check Extras if you need a Data Protection Officer (fully responsible nominee / monthly price).


Benefits of GDPR Compliance

Easier business process implementation &  automation.

Increased trust and credibility.

A better understanding of the data being collected.

Improved data management & data breach risk reduction.

Protected and enhanced enterprise and brand reputation.

Most Common Strategies

1. Build awareness around GDPR
2. Understand whether your business is affected
3. Review the Impact of your current data
4. Review your systems and process
5. Implement necessary safeguards
6. Appoint EU Representative and/or a DOP if applicable
7. Revise your documents & policies


GDPR is a great challenge for any business organization that processes personal data of individuals living in the EU. Those who understand the GDPR regulations well and are early adopters have a much better chance of not just meeting the compliance date but also creating new opportunities and expanding their business horizon.

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