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Legal Health Check

Welcome to Legal Health Check tool. This will help you to see the impact on your business of not taking care of your legal matters. After you have viewed your report you can discuss your results with one of the LegalBriefs available on our Platform. The questionnaire uses the same methodology as for the LegalSeba survey of 1,000 BD SMEs. 

As an added bonus for completing the Health Check you’ll be entitled to unlimited free documents and legal advice consultations from the LegalBriefs for a limited time, through our special Legal Health Check Access Offer, to help keep your business safe and sound.

  By taking the Health Check you will be able to:

Identify any areas where you are routinely losing monies from commercial legal issues

Minimize your risk of suffering commercial legal losses in future

Compare the number of commercial legal losses you suffer each year to the number of commercial legal losses suffered each year by other SME’s in your sector


Compare the amount you lose each year from commercial legal issues to the amount lost each year by other SME’s in your sector

Check whether you are using legal expertise more or less than other SME’s in your sector;

Check whether you are over or under-optimistic about the extent to which you are at risk from commercial legal issues

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