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LegalSeba Bookkeeping

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Services PackagesBasicAdvanceStandardEnterprise Virtual CFO
Number of Max Employees>10>20>305050+
Monthly Fees (USD) $200$350$450$560$660
Monthly Service Days2-3 days3-4 days4-5 days6-7days6-7 days
QuickBook/Excel Bookkeeping
Monthly Financial Reporting (Party Ledger, Trail Balance, Profit Loss, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Report)
Documentation & Monthly Voucher Checking
Monthly Individual & Corporate Tax Planning
Tax Calculation / TDS File Maintain

Monthly VAT Calculation


Payroll & HR Services (Staff TDS & Staff Salary Calculation)
Monthly Bank Recounciliation


Half Yearly Internal Financial Report Faciliation
Company's Tax Calculation
Yearly Staff & Withholding Return Preparation
Yearly Audit Faciliation


1. Minimum 3-month Subscription.
2. This pricing excludes any official filing/reporting services. It shall be subject to individual engagement. 
3. All the prices must be paid upfront.
LegalSeba Bookkeeping Team

Why you require specialized bookkeeping?

The most common reason to require a specialized bookkeeping is that your business needs to track cash revenue, cash expenses, accounts receivable, accounts payable, or segment level bookkeeping.


A LegalSeba expert will help you to determine your business requirements and guide you in compliance with all the Tax, VAT & Customs regulations during your service tenure. Pricing starts at just $200/month.

Benefits of Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping lets you prepare financial statements accurately.

Bookkeeping lets you focus your business strategy and plan for the future.

Bookkeeping keeps you prepared for tax season without having any stress.

Bookkeeping maximizes your deductions come tax time avoiding unregulated illegal spending.

Outsourcing Online bookkeeping services give you more time to focus on revenue-generating activities.

Overall Outcome

1. Detailed Recording of your Finance
2. Always Complaint with the Law
3. It becomes Easier to Plan
4. Instant Reporting
5. Better Relations with Banks and Investors
6. Better Tax Prediction
7. Faster Business Response Time
8. Faster Financial Analysis
9. Easier Annual Audit


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