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Affordable plans designed to help you pay less and run your business with confidence. Talk to a Project Manager to find your business the perfect plan according to your needs and budget.

Three Reasons to Try Apex Counsel

It’s Affordable

Save 60% off standard hourly rates when you subscribe to an annual plan. Mitigate expensive legal risks starting at TK1000/mo

Guaranteed rates
No service fees
Free contracts

It’s Convenient

Legal issues can’t be scheduled. With Unlimited Legal Messaging™ you can message your General Counsel exactly when you need it.

Instant Response
24/7 legal coverage
Your own GC

Member Benefits

Get incredible savings on top brands and services available to members only.

Payroll Service from our Partner
Accounting & Tax Software Service
Discount From our Partnars
Discounted Rate on our Services


Find The Perfect LegalPlan for You.

Select a payment plan that suits your company’s size. Chat with a project manager to identify your legal needs.

Meet Your Counsel & Start Working.
Our algorithm will help you find the best general counsel for you. Start messaging your dedicated professional anytime, anywhere.
All Plans Cover:
General Counsel Services

Legal issues can’t be scheduled. Message your personal General Counsel whenever you need to.

Hiring Employees

Onboard new employees, protect your company’s intellectual property and issue equity compensation plans.

Commercial Contracts

Don’t wait weeks or days to prepare the vital commercial contracts that you need to run your business.

Regulatory Compliance

Operating in an area with a lot of complexity? Use Counsel to navigate complex local, and international laws.

Corporate Maintenance

Make charter amendments, board consents, and fulfill your corporate compliance requirements.

Document Review

Your GC can advise on legal documents during some of the most important decision-making times of your company.

Trademark & Copyright

File trademarks and copyrights each month to protect your brand and original works.

File Organization

Keep track of all your company documents in one place.


Legal issues can be costly and unpredictable. With LS Counsel, you can send your dedicated legal team a message whenever you’re near a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Your conversation carries over seamlessly across any browser and uses banking-grade encryption to keep it safe and confidential.

Member Benefits & Perks

All the things your business needs throughout the year plus more.

Dedicated Legal Pro

Access a 24/7 concierge that can answer questions, help you save money, and navigate through emergency legal issues.

Exclusive Business Discounts

Receive incredible savings of HR, accounting, and office space that will save your company thousands

Managing Corporate Governance

Draft board meeting minutes, manage stock option plans, and file annual reports.

Unlimited Contract Downloads

Access hundreds of lawyer-written legal contracts you need to grow your business.

Frequently Asked, So We Answered.
What is LS Counsel about?

Counsel offers you a guaranteed hourly rate (typically 60% less than the standard) on qualifying legal work in exchange for an upfront fee. Our mission is to provide businesses with convenient access to vetted General Counsels without the headache of hiring someone full-time.

We believe that a lawyer/business consultant should be a key business advisor, not just a legal technician. All Counsel lawyers/business consultants have been senior executives at companies, so we provide a business-focused and practical approach to problem-solving. We use our considerable business experience to provide members with proactive legal risk management, helping avoid problems before they arise.

With Counsel, you can send a lawyer/business consultant text messages anytime and anywhere in a private, chat room. Counsel stands out because of the affordability, convenience, and quality it provides.

How can LS Counsel help my business?

LS Counsel helps your business with day-to-day legal matters, by giving you access to senior lawyers available on-demand and at a fraction of cost of hiring a full-time executive-legal general counsel or relying exclusively on law firm counsel.

Services include:
Negotiating and Drafting Contracts Software/Technology/License Agreements
Contract research and Development Agreements
Trial Agreements
Product Commercialization Agreements
Professional Services Agreements Development/outsourcing agreements
Handing employment and immigration matters
Offer Letters and Employment Agreements
Severance Agreements
Employee Handbooks
Expats’ Work Status and Visas
Data privacy (Privacy Policies, Privacy Compliance)
Negotiating, Drafting, and Reviewing Lease Agreements
Trade Associations and Nonprofits

Which lawyer will provide me with legal services?

LegalSeba has arranged to match you with an attorney from our invite-only network of vetted General Counsel lawyers. Our lawyers have attended top national or international Universities like University of London, Dhaka University, and Chittagong University etc. and worked at preeminent companies. The network is screened, monitored daily, and are ready to handle your legal matters as soon as you send a message.

How do I contact my lawyer/business consultant?

After enrolling, you will be able to log in to your account and send your lawyer/business consultant text messages, audio messages, as well as picture and video messages in a private, text-based chat room.

What types of things can my lawyer/business consultant help me with?

Think of your lawyer as your dedicated General Counsel who can help you will your day-to-day legal needs, contract review, securing trademarks, drafting employment agreements, general legal advice, and more.

Our Business Consultant shall help you with your business projection, accounting, finance & investment issues.

Are there limitations to the legal plans?
Yes. We can’t help you with any personal legal issues like criminal law matters.
Once I sign up for LS Counsel, will I have the same lawyer?

Yes! You will be matched with a dedicated lawyer/business consultant that will develop an intimate knowledge of your business to help you succeed. Just like a full-time in-house counsel, our lawyer/business consultant will be available whenever you need them and take steps to be part of your management team.

How often will my lawyer/business consultant respond?

Because our lawyers/business consultants are real people who have multiple clients, each attorney is a little different. Usually, your lawyer/business consultants will respond once or twice a day depending on your needs. Some members like to set up a specific time once a week with their lawyer/business consultants so they can message each other in real time. The best thing to do is talk to your lawyer/business consultant about your schedule and your needs, and see what works best for you.

What forms of payment does LS Counsel accept?

We accept all major debit/credit cards and bank transfers on a case-by-case basis.

How do I contact LS Counsel by LegalSeba?

We value your input and encourage you to reach out to Customer Support if you have any questions about anything nothing mentioned here.

For any questions not covered, you can always contact us via email at [email protected] or call (+880) 1911-968371.

We will respond to most questions within one business day.

LegalSeba is an online business & legal service marketplace that makes it more efficient for entrepreneurs and businesses to hire and work with qualified professionals based on their preferences. We are not a law or accounting firm and do not provide legal advice or “lawyer referral services” and do not provide or participate in any legal representation.

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