Work Permit Visa in Bangladesh

Work Permit Visa, E-Visa, LegalSheba, LegalSeba. PI Visa in Bangladesh

How to Get Work Permit And Visa in Bangladesh

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Our service area: Bangladesh work permit and visa;

  • PI (Private investor visa), work permit of foreign employees visa (E visa) from BIDA and BEPZA
  • New business set up, income tax, accounts and audit service;

Bangladesh work permit, PI-Visa and E-Visa procedure in Bangladesh

  • Enclose permission letter in terms of liaison office;
  • Provide  MoA and AoA and incorporation letter of Private  Limited or Joint Venture business;
  • Consent letter of the board of directors with mentioning remuneration and designation in letterhead;
  • Forward passport and color photograph of the directors;
  • Do not forget to attach a service contract or engagement letter of the employees;
  • All academic certificate and experience letter must attach along with all copies;
  • Newspaper advertisement for hiring manpower is a must for the wholly own shareholding limited or Joint Venture entity;
  • Do not forget to provide business activities copy which shall be written in letterhead and attested by the country manager;
  • List of manpower with organ gram (hierarchy) in letterhead;
  • Attach income tax only for branch office;
  • Newspaper advertisement is not applicable for liaison office;
  • Trade License, VAT, Export and Import letter, encashment certificate of US Dollar 50 thousand (fifty thousand) must attach with an application form;
  • Make sure attested entire said papers by the owner or CEO of the company;
  • Preserve all papers for PI and E visa and for work permit;
  • Branch or representative or liaison office shall not provide trade license, export, import and VAT papers;
  • Enclose form 18 B from Bangladesh bank for open branch office only;
  • Make sure attested mentioning documents by top management of the entity;
  • Collect prescribe form from BIDA or our office; attach them forwarding letter addressing to Chairman or director of BIDA;
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