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Visioning a Transparent Business Legal Service Industry & Access to Business Ecosystem in Bangladesh


LegalSeba is an Online Business Legal Service Portal powered by Big Business Legal Database, Artificial Intelligence Tools & Outsourcing facilities.

This platform allows everyone to send his/her dedicated legal team a message whenever they are near a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Our project manager & management software will keep you up-to-date about your work.

Future is here & it’s more mobile than ever.

At LegalSeba, information is going to be open & convenient to the mass people as never happened before.

We are reducing the modern business legal service cost by minimum 40% & making it faster & accessible for the high growth companies as well as small and medium size business owners.

LegalSeba is an online business & legal service marketplace that makes it more efficient for entrepreneurs and businesses to work with qualified professionals based on their budget. We don’t provide “lawyer referral services” and do not participate in any legal representation.

Accelerating the Edge of Doing Business in Bangladesh

15% Discount to any Project till 26th March.